Red + Black

Some construction companies build. Red + Black Construction craft. They’re award-winners whose work includes some of the regions most inspiring, architecturally-designed homes and favourite commercial projects and builds. We built their brand platform accordingly.

Strategy, brand identity, tone of voice, key messaging and content, photography, website, collateral.

To craft is to care. A simple, clean, linear architectural look and feel reflects the nature of Red + Black’s work and the focus that goes into every project.

The logomark builds itself from an R and B informed by building plans. Rather than stating the obvious with the colourway, the palette is vibrant, light and simple.

Red + Black aren’t about building structures. They’re about building futures. The bespoke, interactive website was designed to do their ideology justice with a look and feel like a top shelf magazine. It's linear, like the logo, with a user experience that tells the story of craft and care. High quality photos, simple scroll, engaging content. Like flicking through a magazine.

Experience the full site here

On-brand presentation folders and brochures showcase residential and commercial project work.

Clean lines. Quality stock. Well crafted. Sharp business cards deliver desirable first impressions.

Red + Black Construction were already stand-outs in terms of care, capability and delivery. But it’s a tough industry with heavy competition. Now, with a sharp brand, they stand out.

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