Southern Creations

Southern Creations create beautiful, handcrafted timber furniture. The superior workmanship and level of care that goes into every finished piece is a reflection of the high esteem in which they hold their customers. Their repositioning defines the narrative.

Brand strategy, logomark, brand platform, website design, tone-of-voice, key messaging and copy content, brand and marketing collateral

Consistent with the industry, we thought three-dimensionally. The logomark was developed around the S and C initials and the idea of timber joins. The join connects the parts that create the whole – an appropriate metaphor for Southern Creations’ role in home-making. This idea shaped the design grid and a flexible design platform in natural woodland tones.

Design for a responsive website that showcases their classic and contemporary ranges and communicates their values, strengths, story and services.

Attention to detail, a warm tone of voice, and thoughtfully presented product ranges make the new product catalogue a compelling sales tool for furniture stores and showrooms.

A prototype for a bespoke lamp that brings the drafted logomark into the real world. Each rimu lamp will be handcrafted from reclaimed materials salvaged from homes destroyed in the Christchurch earthquakes.

Each few square centimeters of ink and paper carries a brand promise of handcrafted quality and care.

The rebranding of Southern Creations inspired positive feedback, new enquiries and an increase in sales. The tradition of furniture that turns houses into homes will continue for new generations of New Zealanders.

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