GIS tech specialists Orbica resolve problems with location data-inspired solutions. They also dig deep into an organisation's untapped goldmine of raw location data to identify connections and exciting new opportunities to deliver value. They’re innovators and disruptors, and they’re turning the industry on its head. This is how we positioned them.

Brand strategy, name, logomark, design platform, bespoke website, digital outputs, tone of voice, key messaging and copy content, brand and marketing collateral.

A geo-related name and a dynamic logomark based on an augmented digital marker point. The logo is adaptable. It flips and changes to suit whatever its application.

Orbica’s tagline is Data Location Connectivity, their core proposition. This informed the point-and-line design concept that runs throughout the platform, which has been applied to everything from digital outputs to the humble business card. The concept represents a versatile drawing tool.

Each member of the Orbica team has their own individualised business card. A low poly design tells their personal story, while red edging represents their connection to the team.

Their engaging, bespoke website uses animations and robust information hierarchies to showcase their services and connect with their domestic and international target markets.

Experience the full site here

T-shirts connect the team to the company and each other. An interactive playboard inspires new ideas and creativity. External illuminated signage and internal wayfinding signage help you navigate to Orbica’s Christchurch offices.

Recognised with multiple awards for SME business enterprise and tech-innovation, Orbica went from tech-start up to industry leader with global operational locations in less than three years.

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