Cha Cha Café

Partnering an awesome cappuccino with a compelling look and feel gets patrons through the doors. The new owners of what would be a lively little coffee joint threw themselves into their new venture fearlessly. They brought the energy and the cha-cha. We brought it all to life.

Brand strategy, name, logo, design platform, interior fit-out, collateral.

The rhythm of those three little cha-cha-cha steps shaped a fun, exciting visual and tempo for the logo and design platform. It dressed the cafe, the collateral and set the vibe.

A Cha Cha flavoured app made it easy for customers to sort their fix on the move.

A menu set explored the usage of the brand shapes and colours through a repeating pattern of the logomark letterforms.

Cha Cha roast their own coffee beans to create a truly unique flavour, and customers can purchase freshly roasted beans to brew at home. Coffee bags were branded with the Cha Cha pattern, wrapped and ready to carry the brand beyond the doors.

A full package brand delivery designed to get Cha Cha humming and keep customers coming back for more.

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