When your Mac flips out it’s Ezimac Sales & Support that saves your bacon. Although the proposition for the brand platform concept was all in the name, a more inspiring one was at our fingertips. Command was the key.

Strategy, brand identity, tone of voice, key messaging and copy, website, fit-out design, design collateral.

Command makes things happen. Command makes life easy. Command undoes the f*** ups. Command became the logo and everything Mac-flavoured followed.

An accommodating client provided hardware and enthusiastic participation for videos created for the bespoke website. They demonstrate that Ezimac can totally help with everything. Nearly. Retro-styled icons pixelate into shape, and a keyboard key menu lights up with interaction.

Experience the full site here

Old keyboards found a new life. Over 350 keys were plucked from the dead to recreate a work of art for the Ezimac office walls.

The Icon of an Icon artwork commands attention.

Ezimac’s brand platform gave them an engaging brand personality and provided a porthole to the vast community whose lifeblood depends on the tools of the trade doing what they bloody-well should.

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