You could do business. Or you could do dangerously good business. Double-O Consultants specialise in Lean and Agile methods and processes that help you get the job done. They’re sharp, smart, irreverent and highly effective disruptors. So that’s how we positioned them.

Strategy, name, brand identity, tone of voice, key messaging and content, photography, website, design collateral.

The concept of the storytelling brand platform informed the name, tagline, the bullet-hole DO logomark, and a colour combination that paired midnight blue with a shock of orange that nobody saw coming. Double-O people are fearless. That subtle naming reference was no accident.

Not a stock image of a suit with a laptop in sight. The design of the bespoke, interactive website is built on typography and graphics, not clichés.

Experience the full site here

Covert, not overt. The (not so) corporate profile features a trail of bullet-hole die-cut icons that tell the story.

Elegant, not obvious. The corporate profile is all business on the outside and action on the inside. French folds conceal tactics and die-cuts create intrigue and reveal insights.

First impressions count, right down to the (not so) corporate attire. Brand-patterned casual tees and polos create an appropriate look for Double-O.

Double-O’s work has a profound impact that creates lasting change. This DO Box workshop tool and expo give-away includes nothing more technical than a notepad and pen, because to get things done you first need to DO.

Double-O are now a leading business consultancy, effecting change within some of the largest corporates, organisations and Crown entities in New Zealand and overseas.

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